Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together

EP 57: Finding Your Unique Ability with Julia Waller

March 10, 2022 Gary Fletcher, Nyree Trimbel and Julia Waller Season 1 Episode 57
Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together
EP 57: Finding Your Unique Ability with Julia Waller
Show Notes

In today's episode, Nyree is joined by Gary and special guest, Julia Waller. Julia is a Unique Ability® Specialist and coach at Strategic Coach®.

The topic of discussion is a firm favourite - Unique Ability®. Julia expands upon various tests that can help determine what your Unique Ability might be; the multiple reasons it can be so beneficial to find out what it is for anyone, regardless of sector or position; and why sometimes not doing certain tasks as an entrepreneur is actually the right course - even if it feels counterintuitive.

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Started life in the Sports & Leisure industry gaining experience in Leisure facilities, Franchising, UK Tourism of Holiday Parks, Golf and Hotels. Traded this for property acquisition and development building company with over 35 residential & commercial properties.

Founded modern Forest holidays and built the company from zero profits and sold 12 years later for 9 figures. Particular focus on company culture, people and service. “ we couldn’t find anyone who did not absolutely love you - we added a new category” higher NPS score than Apple - PragmaConsulting 2011). Recommended by Lloyd’s Bank & finalist in Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year programme 2014.

Transitioning into Chairman & Investor and enjoying helping Entrepreneurs grow themselves and their businesses with pace and focus. Further strong track record developed across 3 separate roles and 2-3 x investor returnobtained across 8 & 9 figure exits in 2-4 yrs.

Gary and other founders are still mentored by the leading entrepreneur coach in the world - Dan Sullivan and have set up his own charity www.kidsvillage.org.uk.

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